Shalece Daniels, The Lucas Firm, The Lucas Method, 1 hour marketing Plan.

What we do

We are so glad you asked.To put it simply, which is what you will find throughout our home, we help you get more clients and keep the ones you have.

Let us explain a little further…The Lucas Firm specializes in three things:

  • Teaching Social Selling
  • Being Social
  • Targeted Sociability

We love to Socialize. The reason why we are great at Social Selling. We allow our emotions to get involved when branding or reinventing a brand. What experience do you want to sell? What emotion do you need to evoke to get and keep your customers engaged?

That’s where we come in. “Que Lucas Firm” {Shalece Daniels enters stage left wearing a cape and -S- on her chest: not to be mistaken for the initial of Superwoman but, because Shalece begins with an -S-}.

Your business is not made from a cookie cutter, neither should your sales strategy be.

We will train you and your staff on the best practices of Social Selling and Marketing for your business.

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