To Code or Not to Code, That is the Answer.

First impressions are lasting. I remember my 10th grade MS DOS Windows class when Mrs. Martin would speak to us in acronyms from the Microsoft language. “GIGO- garbage in, garbage out”, she’d say in her quiet melodramatic voice that had the ability to lull the entire group to sleep after a rambunctious lunch period. MS DOS was an operating system in which you had to use commands to get it to perform.  As a 15 year old girl I unilaterally decided never to have anything to do with GIGO or HTML or anything else if it meant taking on the dubious task of forcing myself to stay awake in Mrs. Martin’s class. Since then, coding has become fun, sexy and a necessity.

There is a website that offers a 12 week coding class to marketers. It’s called Another site that offers free coding classes is Meet-up has a sizable number of groups devoted to coders with a skill level from novice to those that can create another internet browser while they snooze. Teen girls interested in coding do not have to suffer anymore. They can sign up for a summer immersion program through Coding is omnipresent. In fact, a close friend, which I will leave nameless (me) interviewed for a part-time job at a company that wanted a PR and Social Media professional who also knew how to code. Everywhere I go, I can’t get away from Coding.

While WordPress makes things relatively as easy as typing a document, there are aspects of the website or blog’s aesthetics that would warrant the need to understand how to code. Instead of learning to code, I downloaded GIMP, took a short YouTube tutorial and created a professional looking header to display prominently on my website. While it was time consuming, I was determined and didn’t want to wait on a graphic artist to complete the project for me. If I knew how to code, I could have created any design I wanted, directly on the site without either waiting on a graphic or web designer. Unless there is a web designer on staff, marketers, branding professionals and entrepreneurs need a basic understanding of how to code.

Now, off to my coding class :-)