Are You A Murderer?

Are you a murderer? If you die this moment, will you have committed homicide to the highest degree on your very own dreams and underutilized gifts? Decide today to give life.

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A few weeks ago I read an article that detailed the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying. The number 1 regret was Living a life that was expected of them as opposed to the one they wanted to live. There is a simple formula to live by design. I will clearly detail the instructions.

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

Regrets are fear manifested in its most tangible form.  The great news is that if you are able to read this, you still have time to live the life you desire.

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Make a commitment. What do you want: Romantic love, A firmer bum, To make more money, Meaningful friendships or Better sex?  It is available to you, but you must commit. Tony Robbins says, “There is no abiding success without commitment.”  I believe in the laws of attraction but I do not believe they work with positive affirmations alone. While my explanation may defy the rules of the use of prefixes, Action is the root word for attraction. You must commit to the goal, but most of all you must commit to take action.

Paulo Coehlo in the Alchemist said, “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” Santiago made a commitment to find a hidden treasure located near the pyramids in Egypt and set out to do it. He was alone, had no money, and was chasing a dream, but what he had in his favor was determination. That was all he needed. The comedian, Steve Martin is thankful that, “…persistence is a great substitute for talent.”

Write it down. Committing it to paper makes it concrete. Goal: Firmer Bum in 90 days. You don’t have to know a thing about achieving a firmer bum. A simple Google search can be your best friend. In a fraction of a second, I came up with almost 500,000 results including articles, videos, tips and infographics. If you can find a goal buddy, that’s even better. Success loves company. A goal buddy or support group can help to gently hold you accountable. If this is not available to you, set alerts on your phone to keep you on track with the daily steps of goal attainment

 Take the first step. Inch by inch, it’s a cinch. Create a to do list to break down the larger task at hand. From 10 minutes of research, I found 3 consistent things that I must do in order to give life to this dream:  1.Make some changes to my diet 2.Exercise 3.Make time. “Time, once spent can never be replaced.” –Ben Franklin. Get up 15 minutes earlier, cut back on TV or social media. Reframe your sacrificial thinking. You are opening an opportunity in your time to literally save your butt.

Are you a murderer pic 3 fal and get up

If you fall, get back up. We have all committed to do something only to have stopped short of the finish line so start with something small and get comfortable with success. I started a 21 day meditation with Deepak Chopra and Oprah. I committed to take 15 minutes out of each morning for 21 days. I completed it. It took 25 days, but I did it. I made a commitment, stuck with it and saw results. If you are not perfect, be gentle with yourself, get back up and start where you left off.

Reward yourself for achieving your goal. This is the fun part. Be certain the reward is something that you will see frequently to remind you of your accomplishment. Buy a scarf or candle. Frame the piece you have been putting off. Paint an accent wall in your room.

Reality is that I am mortal as death is unavoidable. Today, I formally commit to become a proficient snowboarder, finish my drawing, “The Embrace” and learn to play “Walk This Way” on the guitar in 90 days. I refuse to die a murderer.

5 Things that can Ruin Your Social Media Campaign – Part 2

ruin social media 2When it comes to social media, it is common knowledge that not pursuing your social media campaign actively or being unresponsive to users’ comments is a sure fire method to bring the whole campaign to a halt. Moreover, feedback from people on social networking sites have given a glimpse into a few more factors which can actually end up ruining your social media marketing. Here’s a list of five more things that can ruin your social media campaign.

Relentless Updates

While making scanty updates is bad, tweeting or putting up messages too frequently is equally harmful for your social media campaign. People who are already following you get put off with your endless tweets and updates (3x/hour) in their news feed that they decide to get rid of you for good. You may want to rethink the whole “engage continuously” approach, try it with some moderation so that your users get updates regularly but not in the manner of breaking news.

Two rules of thumb is Tweet 12-20x/day and update your FB 2x/day. If you are providing substantial information, you may want to lean towards updating less frequently whereas if you are providing motivation and inspiration, you can update more often. The most important factor is to learn your audience. What are you doing that evokes the most involvement? Do more of that.


Before you brush this off casually assuming you’re completely ethical in your ways, it is important to know what spamming could constitute as far as social media is concerned. Popular suggestions that may hint towards your product are harmless promotions. Offering discounts, coupons and flooding your users’ feed with sale offers in your tweets is essentially spam. Nobody likes spam. To stay away from things that can ruin your social media campaign, provide your following with useful information.

Lacking Authenticity

Who are you? Develop your voice as part of your social media strategy. Once you decide, stick with it. Keep your message consistent. Whatever you choose to communicate needs to be information that your following can benefit from. Allow that information to come from a place of transparency into your brand and what your company stands for.

Irrelevant Content

While social media marketing does not involve direct sales pitch all the time, your content should correspond reasonably with your product or brand. For instance, if your product is about herbal soap, try campaigning about the health benefits of the herbs which are included in your product.

80% of the time, you do not want to make a direct reference to your product. Simply provide useful information. The other 20% should be used to let your audience know that you happen to have a product that provides the very benefit that you previously educated them about.

Talking about popular topics without connecting them in some facet to you can ruin your social media campaign. Controversial topics should follow the same rules. In fact when done properly can generate user participation and lead traffic directly to you.


Several surveys have narrowed down the peak usage timings by audiences for various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. For instance Facebook generates maximum customer engagement on Tuesdays, Twitter between 5-8 a.m. and YouTube on Mondays. Time your updates and tweets to correspond with these timings so that you get maximum user engagement.

Make sure that you keep a close tab of the latest fads going around in social media so that you make the most out of it before it becomes a hopeless cliché. There is a lot more to successful social media marketing, but these points should help avoid ruining your social media campaign.

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