How to Write Keyword Savvy Blogs

seo keywordsIf you want to know how to write keyword savvy blogs, keep reading. Don’t let Keywords take over your article. When properly placed, you will increase SEO and garner a wider audience because you can focus on your content.

Here are the rules:

Rule #1 Your title must contain your keywords. Sounds simple enough. Your keywords are how your article is going to be found when an internet user Googles them. For example, how to write Keyword savvy blogs.

Rule #2 The first paragraph must also contain your keywords. The first sentence of this article contains the exact words I want the search engines to focus on. Just like grammar school; introduce your topic in the first paragraph.

Rule #3 Somewhere within the body of your article, you must find a way to place your keywords 2-3 times. This article is about writing keyword savvy blogs. It is short and to the point but, if I had written it in story form, I could include this paragraph:

    Ensure that the article is chock full of useful information. Naturally, if the content is based on the title, it will include some of those words. Don’t be afraid to “repeat the question before in the answer”; exactly what you were told not to do as a kid in school. Follow these 4 short rules to learn how to write keyword savvy blogs.   

Rule #4 The final paragraph should summarize what you already said. In your summary, include your keywords yet again. Here is an example:

    Content is King as Keywords are Queen. In this article, you learned the 4 simple rules of how to write keyword savvy blogs. Armed with this information, go back to every article you have written       and edit them as needed. For those of us that have yet to write a blog, you get to start off on the right footing.



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